Students: Google is your Friend

You know what’s frustrating? Not knowing an answer to a student e-mail. You know what’s more frustrating? When I find the answer to a student e-mail by simply putting the question into Google. I don’t want this post to discourage students from asking questions to their professors. Absolutely not. I want this post to make students… Read More »

Why I Invited Coach Franklin to Talk to My Economics Class

On Monday, April 27th, Coach James Franklin was a guest speaker in my introduction to macroeconomics class. The story, which I did not think was going to be a big deal, was picked up by Onward State and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. What did he speak about? Definitely not macroeconomics. I saw Coach Franklin speak on… Read More »

What I am Reading

On College Tuition The Real Reason College Tuition Costs So Much by Paul F. Campos vs NY Times On Birth Control How Likely is it that Birth Control Could Let You Down? by Gregor Aisch and Bill Marsh via NY Times On Microfoundations Trade, Geography, and Microfoundations (Wonkish) by Paul Krugman via NY Times On… Read More »

What I’m Reading

On Swearing The Last Taboos by R.L.G. via the Economist On Germany Germany’s Trade Surplus is a Problem by Ben Bernanke via Brookings On Inequality It’s Not the Inequality; It’s the Immobility by Tyler Cowen via NY Times On Organic Food Hunger for Organic Foods Stretches Supply Chain by Ilan Brat via WSJ On The Mets Scout… Read More »

What I’m Reading

On Education The Problem with Math Problems: We’re Solving them Wrong by Jessica Lahey via the NY Times On Booze Our Booze is Too Cheap and it’s Literally Killing Us by Christopher Ingraham via the Washington Post Scotch on the Rocks While Bourbon Is Booming by Peter Evans via the WSJ On Jobs The Jobs Report via the BLS… Read More »

Motivation Activity on the First Day

Tomorrow is the first day of the semester for me and I wanted to share with you an activity I have been doing to set the tone for a great semester in my introductory-level classes. This activity takes up 5-10 minutes of class time and is intended to get students motivated to learn and to help… Read More »

Behavioral Economics in ABC’s The Taste

  This explains my Thursday nights now. It consists of me, my wife, and my dog laying on the couch watching The Taste on ABC; a cooking competition my good friend since high school (Chef Eric Leblanc; Facebook; Twitter) is doing quite well on. But like always, my eyes are peeled for economics examples I can bring… Read More »

Textbook Information: ECON 304

Hi Students: Here is some information on your textbook that I couldn’t include in the syllabus. This will show you ways to get your textbook at a cheaper cost to you than buying it through the bookstore. The main textbook we will be using, as you should know, is the 8th edition of Macroeconomics, by Andrew B. Able,… Read More »

Textbook Information: ECON104

Hi Students: Here is some information on your main textbook that I couldn’t include in the syllabus. Remember I  also STRONGLY SUGGEST the course pack I designed that is available at the bookstore for under $10 (what a steal!). The main textbook we will be using, as you should know because you read the syllabus I… Read More »

Where Are You From?

  Are you teaching an online course with people from around the globe? I am. And as I was reading their introduction posts I thought, “Hm. Wouldn’t it be pretty neat if I could visualize where all of these students are connecting from?” Turns out you can (obviously, as you can see above). Using the… Read More »