Key & Peele: TeachingCenter

I’m a big fan of Key & Peele and am sad that it will be ending soon. One reason why I love the show so much is because I feel they say things that everyone is thinking in a way that is funny and entertaining. It may sound cliche but it’s true. The most recent clip… Read More »

Teaching Types of Goods with Barenaked Ladies

Between the second and third week of both my intro to microeconomics and intro to macroeconomics classes I go over what changes the demand curve for different goods and services. At this time normal goods vs inferior goods and complements vs substitutes comes up. Like many courses at the college level, topics in a principles of… Read More »

What Exactly is Elasticity?

I have posted a few times on elasticity lately so I wanted to do a full blog post explaining what economists mean when we talk about elasticity. This will not go into any math or graphs but simply just an overview on the most interesting topic in an introduction to microeconomics course. What exactly do you mean by… Read More »

Is Soda Relatively Elastic or Inelastic?

Survey says: depends on the time frame. Not too long after I posted about how Jurassic Park was a relatively inelastic good I came across another example of elasticity. Trying to avoid writing about the same topic a few days in a row I decided to leave myself a note to add it at a later date.… Read More »

Honey, I’m Good.. because MC > MB

Buy the single on Amazon! A main topic in all fields of economics is cost-benefit analysis. Remember that, at its bare bones, economics is simply just the study of decision making and how those decisions affect the world. In order to make the best decisions, individuals should use marginal analysis. When you hear marginal you… Read More »

Carly Rae Jepsen’s Utility

Carly Rae Jepsen seems to have a high level of utility according to her song I Really Like You. Watch below:   Economists try to measure individual’s level of happiness through what is called utility. To quantify this idea of relative satisfaction, economists refer to a unit of utility as a util. Benefits of Measuring Utility If we… Read More »

Jurassic Park is a Relatively Inelastic Good

While everyone was freaking out about the Game of Thrones finale, my wife and I decided to re-watch Jurassic Park in order to prepare for Jurassic World which I am sure we will see sometime this week (probably during the day… to get the matinee price because I love price discrimination so much…see below if… Read More »

If Only…

  How many times a day do you see your friends and family bragging about their workout of the day (#WOD) or the number of burpees they did last night or what day of P90X (or is the new fad Insanity? what ever happened to 7 minute abs? I digress) they are on? I’m guessing if… Read More »

“Who Drew Your Logo?”

I can’t even count how many times at the CTREE last weekend I was asked, “Who did you get to draw your logo on your website? It’s awesome!” Well here is your answer: DJ O’Hea (twitter) You can go to his Deviant Art page and see some of this other work. Or check out his… Read More »